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Permanent Makeup

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Spa and Permanent Makeup Services

Trust your face to experience and service.
 Don't trust your face to the "discounted" services down the road.   I have years of experience and am meticulous with your treatment.  I correct  a lot of bad cosmetic tattoo jobs. Schedule a free consultation and meet me before putting a permanent tattoo on your face.  Doing it right the first time is better than searching for someone to fix a problem, that is if it even can be fixed.   

Color selection is important.  It is not as easy as picking a color and just tattooing it in.  Different skin tones combine with tattoo pigment to create different colors than that exist in the pigment bottle. You need someone with experience at analyzing your skin tone, and predicting the response to the pigment in an effort to get as close to the color you desire. Lack of experience can leave you with a final tattoo color that isn't what you wanted, or one that changes with time into a less aesthetically appealing color.  Existing skin pigment, skin tone, and blood flow change the appearance of tattoo pigment once it is placed in the skin.  I pride myself in selecting pigments to provide you with aesthetically pleasing permanent makeup. 

Your health and safety comes first, 
then we will take care of the Beautifying Wurks.

All Disposable Needles
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State of the Art Sterilization Equipment

Micropigmentation is the selective implantation of natural or cosmetic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.  This process, also known as permanent makeup tattooing, helps define and enhance a persons' natural features.  Permanent makeup is for those who want more free time, and less hassle with applying makeup every morning.  Permanent makeup in the form of permanent eyeliner, eyebrows,  full lip coloring and liner creates a fresh alive look anytime of the day.  Imagine getting out of the pool and not having your makeup smear.  

Is  Permanent Makeup  for you?


Is Permanent Cosmetics right for you?

It can benefit those who: 


        Have light or sparse eyebrows

        Need defined shape & color to their lips

        Desire a fuller eyelash look

        Suffer from arthritic hands

        Have poor eyesight

        If allergies keep you from wearing regular makeup  

        Suffer from alopecia 

        Have a busy schedule

        Desire a fresh, awake look 24 hr/day

       Active Lifestyle: spend less time putting on makeup.

 Permanent Makeup Procedures Available

Permanent Makeup, Permanent Eyeliner, Permanent Eyebrows


Permanent Eyeliner

Serving clients from Seattle, Tacoma, Federal Way, Bellevue, Renton, Burien, Kirkland, Olympia, Puyallup, Auburn, Kent, Redmond, Portland, and Alaska areas


 Permanent Makeup






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